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Patter of Tiny Hooves at Howletts

Posted by Amanda McCabe on 16-Jan-2018 15:31:56

Adorable baby Kudu makes public debut at Howletts Wild Animal Park.

Hoofstock keepers at Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kent’s original wild animal park, are celebrating the arrival of an adorable baby Kudu antelope, the first to be born at the popular visitor attraction in two years.

The cute arrival, born on 15th December last year, is currently being kept indoors with her mother, Kez and despite the cold outside, Keepers are happy with the youngster’s progress.

 Head of Hoofstock, Jonathan Usher Smith said: ‘This little calf is certainly very cute and her mother, Kez is doing a fantastic job looking after her.  Kez is a first time mum but she’s taking everything in her stride and is very attentive to her calf.  We’re confident that as soon as it’s warm enough, the little one will be running around the paddock and running rings round the rest of the herd!’

Howletts is home to a herd of six Kudu antelope.  Native to Africa, the Kudu’s range extends from the mountains of southeast Chad to Sudan and Ethiopia, and throughout the drier areas of eastern and southern Africa.  Male Kudu are easily distinguished by their spiral horns, which can reach over a metre in length.  The females are smaller and have no horns, however all Kudu have obvious white stripes which run over their sandy coloured coats.

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