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Global Species Action Plan

A new website has recently been developed with tools and resources to assist governments and other stakeholders in the fight to protect endangered species and their habitats. In this blog post, we provide a few details about what it is and why it is...

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CAZ West Project Market Gardening at Schools

Last month we brought you an update on some of the activities being carried out as part of our current project in CAZ West in Madagascar, made possible with the support of The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. Here we would like to explain in...

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CAZ West Project Update April 2024

For wildlife and habitat conservation to be successful it must be sustainable long-term. An important element in working towards this aim is recognising the needs of local people. Communities have always been at the heart of our projects in...

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Community Rangers in Java Put Training into Practice

Our team in Indonesia have created an amazing training schedule for the Community Ranger programme in Java. Twelve modules that include both classroom-style learning and practical follow-up sessions in the field cover a diverse range of topics.

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CAZ West Project Update Feb 2024

It has been a busy time during the first few months of our latest project in CAZ West, made possible with the support of The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. The focus of this multi-year project is to build resilience in the local communities to...

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A New Project in Maevatanana/Ambato-Boeni, Madagascar

In common with many rural areas in Madagascar the local communities in the Maevatanana/Ambato-Boeni project area are highly dependent on natural resources for both food and income. In wetland areas this includes fishing. However, the range and...

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Djongo & Mayombe - an epic love story

Deep in the Gabonese jungle, an island romance has captured the hearts of everyone at The Aspinall Foundation. A tale of two souls born in captivity and forming the bonds of companionship and family in the freedom of their ancestral homelands. An...

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Siamang Rehabilitation Centre Operational

We are delighted to announce our Siamang Rehabilitation Centre in South Sumatra is operational. A formal opening ceremony will take place in a few weeks but there are already five rescued siamang in residence, with two more awaiting transfer from...

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Field Update: South Africa - Nairo & Ava's cubs

Remember Nairo the much-loved Kent-born cheetah who was rewilded from Howletts Wild Animal Park? The four cubs that Nairo sired in his new life in the wild are thriving under the endless skies of South Africa's Great Karoo. In this update we...

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