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More Siamang Arrive at our Centre

Although our Siamang Rehabilitation Centre in South Sumatra has only been operational for a few months we now have seven rescued siamang in the quarantine phase, with two more still waiting to be transferred from West Java.

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Siamang Rehabilitation Centre Operational

We are delighted to announce our Siamang Rehabilitation Centre in South Sumatra is operational. A formal opening ceremony will take place in a few weeks but there are already five rescued siamang in residence, with two more awaiting transfer from...

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Siamang project update - January 2023

As 2022 ended and the new year began our dedicated Siamang Rehabilitation Centre in south Sumatra received the first four rescued siamang gibbons. Although the Centre is not yet fully open, this is an important step in this exciting new project.

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Announcing our first project in Sumatra

Left: Rescued Siamang gibbon at our centre in Java. Right: Captive-bred Siamang at our parks in the UK

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