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Reinforcement of the Endangered Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) Population at Mt Tilu Nature Reserve, West Java

Often referred to as silvery gibbons because of their dense soft grey fur, moloch gibbons are unique to the Indonesian island of Java. With only an estimated 4,000-5,000 living in the wild the numbers continue to decrease, due to factors such as...

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Our Year in Java 2019

During 2019 our team in Java have continued the successful programme of rehabilitation and subsequent release of young primates caught up in the illegal pet trade. Over the past decade we have confiscated more than 200 langurs and gibbons and...

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Local Communities Play a Crucial Part Towards Conservation Success

We often mention our holistic approach to conservation and involving local communities at our projects in Africa, Madagascar and Indonesia is an important element of the work you are helping to support.

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Javan Gibbons Released Back to The Wild

Whether primates join our Back to the Wild programme because they have been rescued from the illegal trade in wildlife, or because they have been born and raised in captivity, the process of preparing them for a life of freedom takes time,...

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Boris The Javan Gibbon

Boris is an 8 year old moloch, or silvery, gibbon born at Bali Zoo.

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The Aspinall Foundation fights to end the illegal trade in primates in Java

For 11 years TAF Indonesia has been fighting to save primates that have been sold as pets on the Indonesian island of Java. As always with The Aspinall Foundation our aim is to return them Back to The Wild. So far we have confiscated almost 200...

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Repatriated Gibbon Released in West Java

Made Wedana, Director TAF Indonesia

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