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DNA Sampling Activities are Underway in Gabon

Although later than originally planned one of the key activities is currently underway in our first demographic study of African forest elephants in the Batéké Plateau National Park and its periphery. It is an important element of the project, made...

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Early Results for the Demographic Study of Forest Elephants in Batéké Plateau National Park

Our first demographic study of African forest elephants in the Batéké Plateau National Park and its periphery, which has been made possible thanks to the support of the International Elephant Foundation, is recording key observations designed to...

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Tonga Group Update

Last month our team in Gabon had their first contact with the Tonga group for two years. The group, estimated to be 13 in size, were spotted by the Mpassa river. 5 of the group were visible, including Tonga, Zora and Batéké. Below is a bit of...

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Reflections on 2021: the year we rose to the challenge

Contemplating the difficult year gone by, there are still many achievements for us to celebrate amidst the ongoing challenges in the world at large.

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Field Update: Latest news on our gorillas in Congo and Gabon

The Aspinall Foundation has been protecting gorillas in Africa for decades, returning over 70 to the wild, and seeing over 35 births from them since their reintroduction. This has helped gorillas thrive in areas of Congo and Gabon where they were...

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An Emblem of Hope: First ever wild gorilla born to captive-born rewilded parents is named

The Aspinall Foundation are delighted to announce that a conservation history-making baby gorilla born at its groundbreaking reintroduction project in Gabon has been named Taàli - meaning ‘hope’ in Batéké.

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African Painted Dogs New Life

There has been so much in 2019 it is impossible to cover every aspect of the work you have helped to support. Perhaps the best way to end is with the news that seven African painted dogs bred at Port Lympne in Kent are now safely treading the soil...

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Statement From The Aspinall Foundation

Thursday 26th September 2019

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Advancing our Gorilla Protection Project in Congo & Gabon

Over twenty years ago when The Aspinall Foundation first developed the Gorilla Protection Project, initially in Congo and then expanded into Gabon, the earliest gorillas to be released originated from orphanages and sanctuaries in the region. Over...

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African Painted Dogs to Gabon

African Painted Dogs are on the brink of extinction in the wild, with estimated numbers as few as 1,500! In a revolutionary progression of our Back to the Wild programme we are about to send a pack of seven African painted dogs bred in the UK at...

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