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Creature Feature - Binturong

Posted by Amanda McCabe on 18-Jun-2019 10:40:24

Meet our elusive binturongs.  Four year old female, Marika, lives in the open-topped, wooded enclosure with her partner, Watt. 

IMG_3036Watt, 12, is a shy and secretive creature and spends most of his time perched high up in his favourite spot, affectionately known as Watt's Tree by his keepers.  Marika is the more outgoing of the pair and will often steal Watt's favourite spot, forcing him to perch higher up in the branches.

In their native south east Asia, binturong make their homes in the canopy of tall tropical forests.  They are are one of only two carnivores with a prehensile tail, which they use to help them move through the trees. 

If you can't see Marika & Watt on your next visit, remember to look up - if you still can't see them, look further up!

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