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African Painted Dogs New Life

Posted by The Aspinall Foundation on 23-Dec-2019 11:58:46

There has been so much in 2019 it is impossible to cover every aspect of the work you have helped to support. Perhaps the best way to end is with the news that seven African painted dogs bred at Port Lympne in Kent are now safely treading the soil of their ancestral homeland. Just a few days ago the pack left the cold of Kent in winter to spend the rest of their lives in the African sun. In yet another pioneering move carried out by The Aspinall Foundation this is the first time a UK wild animal park has ever sent African painted dogs to their native land. The dogs will have a large fenced habitat to roam, whilst being monitored by an expert team at Parc de la Lékédi. It has been over 25 years since painted dogs were last recorded in Gabon and, whilst this is just the beginning, it may be the forerunner to being able to restore wild packs to the area in the future. This project is at the core of what The Aspinall Foundation stands for and we thank you for helping to make this, and all our other projects, possible.WhatsApp Image 2019-12-12 at 10.40.11(4)

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