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Our Final Report on a Twelve-Month Project in the Republic of Congo

On the 31st of October 2021 we reached the end of our year-long project in the Republic of Congo, supported by the European Union and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States through #BIOPAMA.  As we look back at what has been...

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Regular Patrols Provide Protection for our Conservation Programme in Lésio-Louna

The beauty of Lésio-Louna Reserve ©The Aspinall Foundation

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An Emblem of Hope: First ever wild gorilla born to captive-born rewilded parents is named

The Aspinall Foundation are delighted to announce that a conservation history-making baby gorilla born at its groundbreaking reintroduction project in Gabon has been named Taàli - meaning ‘hope’ in Batéké.

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Working with local communities in Java

As with many of our ‘in situ’ conservation projects our Aspinall Indonesia team work closely with local communities at project sites. Our team, all Indonesian and highly experienced in their respective fields, have established, and maintain,...

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Breaking news from Gabon!

Conservation history has just been made as The Aspinall Foundation announced the first ever birth to captive-born gorillas in the wild, part of the Aspinall Foundation's ground-breaking gorilla reintroduction project in the Batéké Plateau...

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Raising Awareness on Conservation by Education and Action

Forest degradation is a recurring phenomenon throughout Madagascar every year. Unfortunately, Andriantantely forest is not spared from the devastating impact of this destructive behaviour: Tavy (Slash-and-burn agriculture), Teviala (Forest...

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A Ray of Hope in Madagascar Despite the Pandemic!

According to the Global Forest Watch (GFW), forest around our Maevatanana Ambato-Boeny (MAB) project area has lost 17% of its initial cover over the past 20 years. Fire, illegal logging and converting forest into agricultural area / pasture for...

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Introducing the primates at Port Lympne Reserve

Monkey fans will not be disappointed with a visit to Port Lympne this summer as the reserve is home to a massive 15 different species of primate!  You'll be treated to your first glimpse of our primates as you enter the reserve via the...

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Introducing the Carnivores at Howletts Wild Animal Park

Did you know that Howletts Wild Animal Park is home to 15 different species of carnivore?  Our expert keepers look after a diverse range of carnivore species including the fierce honey badger, enigmatic European wolves, elusive small cats and...

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Our favourite dazzling zebra facts!

As well as representing the letter Z in the alphabet and looking like giant four legged barcodes, zebras have a few other special talents!  We've put together our favourite zebra facts to entertain you while you wait to experience the safari...

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