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Raising Awareness on Conservation by Education and Action

A Ray of Hope in Madagascar Despite the Pandemic!

Introducing the primates at Port Lympne Reserve

Introducing the Carnivores at Howletts Wild Animal Park

Our favourite dazzling zebra facts!

Romance is blossoming on the savannah

Introducing the Howletts Elephant Herd

The Endangered Javan Gibbon - a species at risk of extinction

Introducing  the brown bears at Port Lympne reserve

Introducing the Port Lympne Gorilla Family

Introducing the Howletts Gorilla Family

World first for conservation

Rescued Javan Gibbon Released Back To The Wild

Joshi's Journey to the Wild

One Year Anniversary of our Big Cat Project in Lesio-Louna Reserve

Restoring Wildlife Across The Globe

Amazing camera trap footage in Congo reveals Makoua's group silverback interaction and a newborn!

Six Month Update on Our Project to Release Javan Gibbons at Mt Tilu NR

Adorable new arrivals at Port Lympne Reserve

Giant leap for conservation in Madagascar

Mayombe & Djongo: Life on The Island

Howletts' Three Baby Elephants 🐘💚

Real conservation fuelled by real food!

The Benefits of SMART Technology on Our Conservation Programme in Lésio-Louna

Community Support and Lemur Conservation in the Vohibe/Vohitrambo Rainforest Fragments of Madagascar

Top 5 Accommodations for Families at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve


Tomato & Mozzarella Gnocchi Bake - an Italian recipe from Babydoll's

Yummy honey recipes from Bear Lodge Restaurant

Reinforcement of the Endangered Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) Population at Mt Tilu Nature Reserve, West Java

Adorable new arrival!

Romance blossoms on the savannah

Tracking Leopards & Lions in Lésio-Louna Reserve, Republic of Congo

10 Fantastic Elephant Facts You'll Never Forget!

Species spotlight: Clouded leopard

Best summer staycations for families

Species Spotlight: Gelada Baboon

Species Spotlight: Sumatran Tiger

Dazzling zebra facts!

5 things you didn't know about the Przewalski's Horse


Howletts Welcomes Birth of New Born Elephant

The Fate of Madagascar's Rainforest Habitat

28 of The Most Endangered Turtles in The World Found at Our Madagascar Sites

African Painted Dogs New Life

Our Year in South Africa 2019

Our Year in Madagascar 2019

Our Year in Java 2019

Gabon Update December 2019

Congo Boys Update December 2019

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UK First as African Painted Dog Pack Relocated to Africa

Elephant Birth Is Early Christmas Present For Howletts Wild Animal Park Team

First Results From New Camera Traps in Madagascar

Two Year Anniversary For UK Gorillas Repatriated To Congo

Lion Cubs Pounce on Pumpkins at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

The Aspinall Foundation Teams Up With Conservationists In South Africa To Save Wandering Elephant

Local Communities Play a Crucial Part Towards Conservation Success

Statement From The Aspinall Foundation

Creature Feature - Siwan the Red Panda

Meet the Keeper - Daisy at Howletts

Creature Feature - Sigit the Javan Gibbon

Meet The Keeper - Claire at Port Lympne

Difficult Start For New Arrival

Madagascar - More Than Lemurs

Javan Gibbons Released Back to The Wild

Get Closer To Amazing Animals For Less With Super Summer Sale

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve Opens Voting To Name Cute Lion Cubs

Animal Parks Go Wild With Kids Go Free Offer Throughout September

Advancing our Gorilla Protection Project in Congo & Gabon

Breeding Success at Both Parks

Celebrating 10 years of conservation work in the "Land of Lemurs"

Boris The Javan Gibbon

28th June 2019: Statement from Port Lympne Reserve

African Painted Dogs to Gabon

Orphaned Gorillas in Congo

The Aspinall Foundation fights to end the illegal trade in primates in Java

An update from Gabon

European Bison Update 2019

An Exciting New Collaboration With Beauval Nature

Primate baby boom at Howletts Wild Animal Park

Proud lioness shows off newborn cub at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

The Aspinall Foundation sends black rhino from Port Lympne Reserve in Kent to Grumeti Reserve in East Africa.

Meet the Keeper - Shelley Kettle

Meet The Keeper - Lauren Amos

Creature Feature - Clouded Leopard

Creature Feature - Binturong

Meet the Keeper - Helen Blyth

Djéké - From Orphan to Silverback


COMING SOON! Introducing Giraffe Hall at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Djala & Djongo Looking Great in Gabon

The Illegal Wildlife Trade Must be Stopped

Critically Endangered Madagascar Big-headed Turtle is present at our project!

Nika 14.10.2004 - 13.04.2019

Amedeo for The Aspinal Foundation

New Arrivals at Port Lympne Reserve

Work Continues on our Ambato-Boeny/Maevatanana Project

Our Membership of PASA

Grumeti Gives Birth in Tanzania!

Sara and Cameron Tie the Knot at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Introducing Lion Lodge – Port Lympne’s New 5* Accommodation

Hand Raised Sambar Fawn

Happy Birthday Kingut!

Madagascar Report

An Amazing Sighting in Congo

Remembering Babydoll By Richard Johnstone-Scott.

Christmas Gifts For The Wild At Heart.

Illegal Rhino Horn Trade Still Threatens Kruger's Rhino.

Gabon Update - Mbwambe Released Onto The Mainland

Repatriated Gibbon Released in West Java

Genetic Assesment on Reintroduction Planning

Species Focus - The Clouded Leopard

Four Silverback Gorillas Go From Kent To Congo - PART 2

Developing Community-based Conservation in the Ambato-Boeny-Maevatanana Forests & Wetlands

We continue our groundbreaking Back to Wild campaign with the chimp and mandrill reintroductions

A Cry For Help!

Our Kids Go Free offer is back!

Babydoll 1961 - 2018

Young Gorillas Enjoy First Steps To Freedom.

The Aspinall Foundation is embarking on one of its most exciting projects to date.

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve Awarded Wedding Accolade For Fourth Year.

1st November 2018: Statement From Howletts Wild Animal Park

TS Churchill Ashford Sea and Marine Cadets Meet Giraffe Herd.

Open Wide!

2019 Wedding Themes

Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Rare Foal Finds Her Feet At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

The Aspinall Foundation Races To Rescue Cheetah Cub From The Illegal Pet Trade

Public Appeal Launched To Help Name Baby De Brazza's Monkey

A Jumbo Surprise At Howletts Wild Animal Park

Cute Crowned Lemur Infant Needs A Name At Howletts Wild Animal Park

Days Out Get Wilder When Kids Go Free

Gabon Gorilla Project Update August 2018

Baby Javan Gibbon Makes Debut At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Call of the Wild - Making the Most of Your Stay at Port Lympne Reserve

Make a Date with Port Lympne and Howletts!

Romantic Date Ideas for Couples in Kent - The Aspinall Foundation

Temuchin 16.03.07 to 02.08.18

Our First Date Ideas

How To Get the Best Discounts On Short Breaks

Gelada Born At Howletts

Your Wedding Venue Show Round at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve: What to Expect

Giraffe Calf Takes First Steps On The African Experience.

What's New at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve: Your Short Break Options

Capybara Baby Boom At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

You're Engaged! What's Next?

The Spring Wedding Trends You Need to Know

Giraffe Calf June 2018 to July 2018

Introducing The Mighty Achilles!

What's On at Port Lympne

Why Port Lympne is Great Whatever the Weather

What to Pack for a Weekend of Outdoor Adventure!

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve’s new fleet roars in to action thanks to partnership with local Motor Group

Incredible New Drill Enclosure Now Four Times Bigger!

Giraffe Update

An Autumnal Celebration at Port Lympne: Real Life Wedding Spotlight

Gorilla Birth Marks An Outstanding Record For Conservation Charity

It's A Girl!

8 Unusual Wedding Venues in Kent - The Aspinall Foundation

5 Tips to Help You Pick Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Giraffe Calf Born At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve!

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Dads Go Free At Port Lympne This Father's Day!

Dads Go Free For Father's Day At Howletts!

Gorilla Populations Are Improving, But They’re Still in Dire Need of Support

The Landscape of Extinction: 5 Reasons Why Animals Urgently Need Your Help!

Three Is The Magic Number!

Sink Your Teeth Into A Great Day Out!

Capybara Pups Make A Splash On Their Debut!

Giraffe Cam Is Live & Babies Are On The Way - The Aspinall Foundation

Howletts Celebrates Birth Of 139th Gorilla

Remembering Shibi 1976 - 2018

One Year On From The Unbelievable Moment Wild Gorillas Accept Damian Aspinall's Wife, Victoria

Enjoy Big Days Out This May Half Term At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve!

Howletts Animal Park - £1 kids offer - The Aspinall Foundation

Go Potty For Primates And Wild For Macaques This May Bank Holiday Weekend!

May Bank Holiday Fun At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve!

Moroccan Courtyard Which Hosted High Society Parties Reopens After Lavish Restoration.

Cracking Easter Days Out At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve!

Introducing Wolf Lodge At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Baby Camel Steps Out At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Why Should You Care About International Day of Forests

Amir 27.03.2005 - 10.03.2018

Black Rhino Calf Marks 40th Successful Birth For Critically Endangered Species!

Mishmi Takin Calf Finds His Feet.

New Enclosure Announced At Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve.

Tugar 1998 - 2018

Greater Bamboo Lemur Baby Boom!

A very special birth at Port Lympne

Spotted hyena 'spotted' at The Aspinall Foundation's flagship project in Africa.

Cheetah Cub Update January 2018!

Patter of Tiny Hooves at Howletts

Gibbons Go Wild!

Port Lympne - Where Everyone Enjoys Great Food!

5 Incredible Experiences To Enjoy At Port Lympne Reserve

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Researching Hepatitis B in Javan Gibbons

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