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Community Rangers in Java Put Training into Practice

Posted by The Aspinall Foundation on 01-Mar-2024 12:01:53

Our team in Indonesia have created an amazing training schedule for the Community Ranger programme in Java. Twelve modules that include both classroom-style learning and practical follow-up sessions in the field cover a diverse range of topics.

Community Rangers classroom training Day one of a training workshop usually starts with class-room style learning

Our Country Director in Indonesia has ensured that each session has the benefit of specialist speakers and experts in their fields. With the knowledge gained on the first day of a training session, the rangers will usually spend a second day on the same topic but in the field, where they can experience and put into practice the skills they have learnt.

Community Rangers in the field The second day on the same topic usually involves practical application in the field.

It is still quite early in the project but, so far, the rangers have been trained to carry out SMART patrols which involves using technology, in particular Smartphones. They have also received training on wildlife, not just primates but many species endemic to Java such as the Endangered Javan leopard.

Javan leopard Javan leopard caught on camera trap

Biodiversity covers all flora and fauna and the training not only reflects this, but it takes a holistic approach, by looking at the forest ecosystem as a whole, including biodiversity, function and the roles of the forest from all perspectives (ecological, natural resources, water resources, climate implications, etc). The training also recognises the value of forest ecosystems as a natural resource that can be used sustainably by local communities provided the right techniques and skills, such as Agroforestry, are utilised.

Rare flora Some of the rare flora endemic to Indonesia

Thanks to the support of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) this training programme will provide the Rangers with a broad knowledge base, and they have already been able to utilise some of their new skills on active patrols in Mt. Tilu Nature Reserve to support West Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BBKSDA), the authority for management of the nature reserve.

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