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Madagascar - Reversing decades of destruction

Posted by The Aspinall Foundation on 17-May-2022 11:29:27

A place like no other

As the world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar’s isolation has meant that native plants and animals have evolved like nowhere else on the planet. Incredibly, 90% of the species found in Madagascar are found only there. It is the only place in the world that lemurs live. It is a truly incredible country, and one that we need to protect.

However, Madagascar’s incredible diversity is under threat. It is estimated that 90% of its forests have been lost - 40% in just 60 years. 17 species of lemur are now extinct, and with most of the remaining species also at risk of extinction, we need to act now to turn things around and save this amazing ecosystem.


Planting for the future

As well as our long running community work, a crucial part of our project involves reforestation. In 2021 alone, we planted over 48,000 trees. Our reforestation projects are conducted by local communities, from tree production in the nursery to the transplantation and monitoring of the trees after they are planted.

Aspinall 1706 reforestation Ambato Boeny project (1) Ambato Boeny Reforestation Project © The Aspinall Foundation

The tree species that we plant are based on the lemur’s diet and the local communities’ need for their everyday life.

Work like this, and similar projects from other organisations, is slowly helping to reverse the alarming decline of Madagascar’s unique habitats. Worldwide interest in protecting Madagascar has never been higher, but it is only dedicated projects on the ground, like ours, and help from local communities that will turn things around.

Our hope is to continue this crucial work and see further areas of Madagascar reforested, and lemur populations increase.

Thank you to all of our supporters, who make this important work possible

Could you help us with our next round of reforestation in Madagascar and save critically threatened lemurs?  Help protect this incredible country and its diverse habitats by making a donation today.

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