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Sanctuary for Black-Footed Cats

We are delighted to be working with the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency to protect and breed black-footed cats at the Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, for future rewilding and reintroduction in South Africa. These extremely rare predators, classified...

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A New Community-Led Ecosystem-Based Conservation Initiative Begins in CAZ West

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund whose support is making it possible for an important multi-year community-focused project to begin in a section of the Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor in eastern...

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Latest news from Sumatra

Working with wild animals, especially when rescued from the illegal pet trade, inevitably involves both good and bad times. Our new project rescuing and rehabilitating siamang gibbons in South Sumatra is no exception.

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Djongo & Mayombe - an epic love story

Deep in the Gabonese jungle, an island romance has captured the hearts of everyone at The Aspinall Foundation. A tale of two souls born in captivity and forming the bonds of companionship and family in the freedom of their ancestral homelands. An...

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More Siamang Arrive at our Centre

Although our Siamang Rehabilitation Centre in South Sumatra has only been operational for a few months we now have seven rescued siamang in the quarantine phase, with two more still waiting to be transferred from West Java.

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Siamang Rehabilitation Centre Operational

We are delighted to announce our Siamang Rehabilitation Centre in South Sumatra is operational. A formal opening ceremony will take place in a few weeks but there are already five rescued siamang in residence, with two more awaiting transfer from...

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Field Update: South Africa - Nairo & Ava's cubs

Remember Nairo the much-loved Kent-born cheetah who was rewilded from Howletts Wild Animal Park? The four cubs that Nairo sired in his new life in the wild are thriving under the endless skies of South Africa's Great Karoo. In this update we...

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Love in the Jungle

As Shakespeare once said "the course of true love never did run smooth" and nowhere is that more true than in the animal kingdom. Over the years, our teams have witnessed many soap-opera-worthy moments among the rewilded animals at our conservation...

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Thank You to IUCN Save Our Species

From August 2020 until the end of December 2022, our Mt Tilu Javan Gibbon reintroduction project has received the welcome support of IUCN Save Our Species. A life of freedom for Goku, a released female gibbon at Mt Tilu NR © The Aspinall Foundation ...

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