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Reinforcement of the Endangered Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) Population at Mt Tilu Nature Reserve, West Java

Often referred to as silvery gibbons because of their dense soft grey fur, moloch gibbons are unique to the Indonesian island of Java. With only an estimated 4,000-5,000 living in the wild the numbers continue to decrease, due to factors such as...

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Adorable new arrival!

We have the perfect antidote to all the stress of lockdown, missing your loved ones and forgetting your mask 5 times a day – meet our adorable new arrival!

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Romance blossoms on the savannah

The current government advice on social distancing means we are unable to run safaris for our day visitors at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve, but we still want to keep you updated on the animals that live there.  Including the unfolding of the...

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Tracking Leopards & Lions in Lésio-Louna Reserve, Republic of Congo

Like many apex predators the survival of leopards and lions is increasingly under threat from a number of pressures. These include habitat loss and fragmentation, prey depletion, conflict with people, unsustainable trophy hunting, poaching for...

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10 Fantastic Elephant Facts You'll Never Forget!

Elephants are amazing!  We know you know this, but did you know all 10 of our fascinating facts about these incredible gentle giants?

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Species spotlight: Clouded leopard

The stunningly beautiful clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) is an elusive wild cat.  Seldom seen in the tropical rainforests of their native central and southeast Asia, their behaviour in the wild remains a bit of a mystery.

Clouded leopard...

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Best summer staycations for families

Planning a staycation in Kent with the family this summer?  We've rounded up our top 3 family friendly retreats at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve to keep everyone happy and having fun in the wilderness!

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Species Spotlight: Gelada Baboon

When you think of grazing animals you probably think of something with hooves and horns, but at Howletts Wild Animal Park you'll find a surprising exception; the gelada baboon.

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Species Spotlight: Sumatran Tiger

Regular visitors to Howletts Wild Animal Park will already know our pair of stunning Sumatran tigers, Achilles and his mate Aguia, but did you know just how rare a sight they are? 

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Dazzling zebra facts!

As well as representing the letter Z in the alphabet and looking like giant four legged barcodes, zebras have a few other special talents!  We've put together our favourite zebra facts to entertain you while we're all self-isolating and doing our...

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