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Boris The Javan Gibbon

Boris is an 8 year old moloch, or silvery, gibbon born at Bali Zoo.

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Critically Endangered Madagascar Big-headed Turtle is present at our project!

 With the assistance of funding from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), we have been carrying out surveys in the forest and wetlands of the Ambato-Boeny/ Maevatanana area. One area we were keen to learn more about was the suggestion...

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New Arrivals at Port Lympne Reserve

We are delighted to share with you news of some youngsters that have arrived at Port Lympne in the last few months.

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Grumeti Gives Birth in Tanzania!

It is estimated there are fewer than 5,500 of all black rhino left in the wild, and well under 200 in Tanzania. Back in 2012 when two female eastern black rhino, Grumeti and Zawadi, left Port Lympne for Tanzania, we hoped they would thrive. In...

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Gabon Gorilla Project Update August 2018

We thought you might like the chance to see the kind of updates we get from our overseas projects. Updates like these are the reason we're working so hard to raise funds to continue our vital conservation work....

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Why Should You Donate to The Aspinall Foundation?

For over 30 years, The Aspinall Foundation has been dedicated to protecting endangered animals around the world. Whether it’s through conservation work on-the-ground in struggling nature reserves across the globe, or through returning...

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Gorilla Populations Are Improving, But They’re Still in Dire Need of Support

A landmark decade-long study has recently been published in Science Advances, bringing with it the uplifting news that there are around a third more gorillas in the wild than previously thought, with numbers now thought to be over 360,000 in the...

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The Landscape of Extinction: 5 Reasons Why Animals Urgently Need Your Help!

Animals have been around in all different shapes and forms for hundreds of millions of years, with natural waves of extinction occurring throughout time. But in the past century, the landscape of extinction has changed. As the human population...

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One Year On From The Unbelievable Moment Wild Gorillas Accept Damian Aspinall's Wife, Victoria

For over 20 years, The Aspinall Foundation has been working tirelessly to reintroduce captive gorillas back into the wild. Our dedicated Back to the Wild programme, started in 1987, works with the governments of Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon to...

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